Unzip Tutorial

In order to facilitate downloading entire books of the bible with one click, I have zipped the many mp3 files into single zipped files. Before you can play these files, they must be unzipped, or extracted back into individual mp3 files. The following tutorial will help you with this process.

This tutorial assumes you are running Windows XP.

The following assumes that you have downloaded the zipped file to an appropriate location on your hard drive that you will not forget. I suggest leaving the download dialogue box open in order not to forget where you put. To avoid it closing, uncheck the box that says "Close this dialog box when download completes."

Once the download is complete, you can press the Open Folder button on this dialog box. You will be able to see the zipped file you just downloaded.

To start the extraction process, Right click on the file and select Extract All from the pop up menu.

The Extraction Wizard now opens which will guide you through the Extraction process. At the risk of boring you, I will detail the steps involved.

Click the Next button.

Here you have to be careful you know where you are putting things. By default Windows wants to place the newly extracted files in the same folder where you have the zip file stored. I would suggest that you create a new folder that will contain only the mp3 audio files.

To point to a proper location, click the Browse button.

At the "Select a destination" window, click on the folder within which you want to create the destination folder. For instance, you can highlight Desktop.

Then click the Make New Folder button. This will create a new folder within the folder you previously selected. You will see the Rename box around the default file name of New Folder. Overwrite this by typing on your keyboard the new folder name (you don't have to click on it. Just start typing). I would suggest that you add a two digit number before the name of the book in order to be able to list them in the biblical order. For instance for 3 John I called it 64_3John. Avoid spaces if possible.

Press Enter to finish the renaming process. Then click OK.

Back at the Extraction Wizard click the Next button.

After a few seconds, all the files will have been extracted. You are now done with the Extraction Wizard and you get the Extraction Complete message. Leave the "Show extracted files" check box checked, and click Finish.

You now have you final product, the mp3 audio files. They are ready to listen to.

The quickest way to begin playing them in order is to click the Play all button on the left of the window.

If this Play all button is not available, you must tell your audio player where the files are stored. You can use the generic mp3 player on your computer such as Window Media Player. I personally use the Real Player. Whichever player you use, open it and go to the Library. Then move it to one side and go back to the window where all your files have just been stored. I would suggest you highlight them all by pressing Ctrl A and then drag them all onto your favourite audio player. Now make sure they are in the proper file order, and if not, click on the column heading called Name.

To start playing, double click on the first file and enjoy Dr. McGee's insights into God's word.

I trust this help. Should you have any questions, email me at johna@johna.ca