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(The following is an excerpt from a March 30, 2005 letter from the parent ministry in Pasadena, California)

Re: Web-site Authorization

Dear John,

We so appreciate your heart to share Dr. McGee’s teaching and your help in bringing the whole Word to the whole world. Dr. McGee’s teaching is copyrighted and Thru the Bible must maintain control of any web-sites, CD’s, MP3’s, etc. that contain Dr. McGee’s teaching. Dr. McGee did not want listeners to become detached from the ministry and its overall goal to bring the whole Word to the whole world. The further removed the broadcasts get from the ministry, the less likely the listeners will pray for, and financially support, the mission to bring Dr. McGee’s teaching to every country in the world. In addition, Dr. McGee did not want his messages edited nor did he want outside unauthorized parties to use his teaching for their own personal profit. We appreciate your heart to help to bring Dr. McGee’s teaching to as many people as possible and to comply with the desires of Dr. McGee.

. . . . . .(irrelevant content deleted here) . . . . . .

Once again, thank you for your heart to share the Word of God with the whole world. We look forward to working with you to achieve Dr. McGee’s vision.

With gratefulness in Christ,

Robert M. Kern
Executive Vice President and General Counsel