Notes & Outlines

These Notes and Outlines on each book of the Bible were prepared by Dr. McGee to assist listeners who wanted an even deeper and more thorough understanding of the Word as they followed along with his 5-year radio program. Please feel free to copy and distribute these Notes and Outlines to others who seek to broaden their understanding of God's Word. (We ask, however, that they always be offered free of charge and never sold.)

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Introduction to the Bible

Guidelines for the Understanding of the Scriptures (95kb)

The Old Testament

Genesis (208kb)
Exodus (434kb)
Leviticus (197kb)
Numbers (267kb)
Deuteronomy (225kb)
Joshua, Judges, and Ruth (570kb)
1 and 2 Samuel (527kb)
1 and 2 Kings (317kb)
1 and 2 Chronicles (235kb)
Ezra and Nehemiah (252kb)
Esther and Job (259kb)
Psalms (310kb)
Proverbs (225kb)
Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon (313kb)
Isaiah (263kb)
Jeremiah and Lamentations (311kb)
Ezekiel (262kb)
Daniel (354kb)
Hosea and Joel (274kb)
Amos and Obadiah (255kb)
Jonah (217kb)
Micah (192kb)
Nahum and Habakkuk (212kb)
Zephaniah and Haggai (244kb)
Zechariah (218kb)
Malachi (197kb)

The New Testament

Matthew (260kb)
Mark (163kb)
Luke (249kb)
John (254kb)
Acts (1.28mb)
Romans (245kb)
1 Corinthians (311kb)
2 Corinthians (202kb)
Galatians (322kb)
Ephesians (257kb)
Philippians (301kb)
Colossians (257kb)
1 and 2 Thessalonians (438kb)
1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, & Philemon (353kb)
Hebrews (418kb)
James (269kb)
1 Peter (301kb)
2 Peter (224kb)
1 John (265kb)
2 and 3 John (163kb)
Jude (229kb)
Revelation (263kb)

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