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All files will unzip to contain exactly one AUDIO CD worth of messages. One Zipped file (16 MB) contains exactly one CD worth of audio (74 minutes) = One Audio CD usually contains up to 74 minutes of audio
(Note: you may wish to create a seperate destination folder for each file before extracting these files)

Jude CDs

Jude CD 01 14.4MB
Jude Intro to Jude 4
Tracks 65001 to 65008
Jude CD 02 13.6MB
Jude Intro II to Jude 10
Tracks 65009 to 65014
Jude CD 03 11.4MB
Jude 11 to Jude 18-19
Tracks 65015 to 65021
Jude CD 04 7.58MB
Jude 19 to Jude 24-25 END
Tracks 65022 to 65026

This page was designed to exactly recreate the original audio CDs sold by Thru The Bible Radio.

Alternatively, high-speed users can download entire books from the Zipped Complete Book directory (average 85 MB size).
Dial-up users may prefer the Individual Track lists, each about 1 MB in size.

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